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Welcome to the website of motivational speaker, author and public speaking trainer, Dee Clayton and I'm very excited to be able to add to my roll call "Business Person Of The Year".   Here you'll find details of how to book me as a motivational speaker for your business event, details of public speaking coaching and my self help book, Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys.

I provide expert guidance in public speaking and presentation skills, especially how to overcome your FEAR of speaking. Delivered through a range of courses, one-to-one coaching sessions and online study options.

Want to know how to overcome your fear of public speaking & presentations?

Does the thought of standing up in front of others make your knees shake and your mouth go dry? What if you have to give a speech about yourself - does that make it ten times worse? Don't PANIC! I'm here to help you with your presentation skills and to help you deal with your public speaking fears. 

How to... Public Speaking book Dee Clayton Choose where you want to go from here:
  • Run away and ignore it (who wanted that client anyway?)
  • Check out presentation tips to help you overcome your fears 
  • Uncover where your public speaking fear comes from (those pesky Public Speaking Monkeys® play a part!)

  • Have a wander round the site and hear from people just like you (testimonials are a good place to start)

  • Discover:

    • What 1 thing you are doing right now which makes the fear and worry 100 times worse

    • What 5 things you MUST understand about your fear monkeys before they can disappear

    • Why it is ESSENTIAL to do the exact opposite of “common Wisdom”

    • The 3 Golden Rules to overcoming your public speaking fear for good

    • All this and more in our FREE intro and book chapter when you Join our community! Just complete your details in the FREE DOWNLOAD box on the bottom right of this page to get your FREE chapter immediately plus keep up to date with regular FREE Monkey Mails full of public speaking mistakes to avoid, special offers and latest presentation training updates. 

Even if you get severe public speaking anxiety, there are ways that you can learn to deal with those nerves and turn your fears around. After all, I believe speaking at events and seminars is the most under-utilised free personal or business marketing tool there is, so don’t let your fear of public speaking stop you any longer!

Choose how you learn: in-house training courses , home study, online learning or one-to-one coaching covering Hertfordshire, Bournemouth, Dorset and London.

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